Head of Institute’s Message

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.”

-Albert Einstein

This is the philosophy that we believe in and follow at the Kirandevi Saraf Institute of Learning.At KSIL, we enable professional growth of individuals throughout their career. Students are enriched with practical experiences that prepare them for future job skills.

Partnering with various universities we offer courses in BBA, BCA, Financial Planning, Teacher training and preparing students for competitive exams too.

KSIL reaches out to various learners and provides academic support through lectures, discussions and practicals spread over the year. The sessions are spread over all days of the week including Sundays and holidays. Students are exposed to new technological trends including giving online examinations.

In today’s competitive world where there are myriad challenges that an individual faces at every step, he needs to be equipped with multiple skills. Very often honing of all these skills is not possible in an educational institution. At KSIL, we endeavour to reach out to all those young minds with diverse needs.

KSIL aspires to provide training in various fields under one umbrella. We also provide opportunities to those who are unable to avail higher education the formal way.

We strive at making it an enriching experience for those who enroll at KSIL.

-Urvi Pal